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About HCC

The transition from high school student to college ready freshman unfolds slowly throughout the college admissions process. It’s an exciting time in a young person’s life with many questions to considerWhat academic environment suits me best? How far from home am I prepared to go? Where will I find people who share my interests? How much will it cost? Will I be challenged? Will I be supported?


With more information available than ever before, you’d think it would be easy to figure out. More often, however, families are confused and feel overwhelmed.


I am here to help.


Listening carefully to students and parents I gauge everyone’s concerns and expectations. Together, we discuss goals for the remainder of high school, as well as college aspirations. I then work individually with the student to conduct a realistic self-inventory and targeted college research. We review standardized testing options and strategize on ways to highlight student strengths that will stand out in college applications and essays. All of this is accomplished in a supportive and good-humored environment where students are expected and encouraged to take responsibility for their work and the decisions that will affect their educational future.


Better choices through greater insight are the outcome for you.

Getting to know and understand my students and their families is the best part for me!

About Victoria Hirsch

I established Hirsch College Consulting after completing my professional training through the University of California Irvine’s Educational Consulting program. In 2015, I attended the Independent Educational Consultants Association's (IECA) Summer Training Institute at Swarthmore College, furthering my expertise in college admissions counseling, the application process, standardized testing and financial aid. As an active member of the IECA, I am committed to building firsthand college knowledge.  As such, I conduct dozens of campus visits each year to stay informed.


As the mother of two sons - one a college graduate and one a college sophomore - I have a very personal connection to the questions and concerns facing families at this stage. We learned how a process known for its pressure and stress could be managed in a systematic and ultimately rewarding way.


In prior careers, I managed development at Child Advocates of Connecticut, the Mid-Fairfield County Red Cross and corporate giving at Asia Society in New York City. One of the most vital skills I garnered through this work was the ability to listen carefully and respond to clients’ motivations, goals, and concerns – a cornerstone to building trusting relationships.


I earned my B.A. from Middlebury College and my J.D. from Fordham University School of Law.




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