Victoria was an invaluable resource during my college search process. Through many meetings and chats, she really helped me zero in on what I was looking for in a college, and what subjects I might want to study. She was the only person I spoke with during my search who suggested the college which I ultimately attended, and I am so thankful for that!


When I began this process, I was very unsure of where to start, and with Victoria’s knowledge and encouragement, I was able to successfully navigate the application process. She really allowed me to reflect deeply on things that matter to me in my personal life and used those passions to help me realize what I wanted in a college. She was also extremely helpful when it was time to write the college essay and calmly helped me through many drafts and revisions.


Victoria is the best resource and counselor, and I am so grateful for her help!

- Hannah (Student)

Victoria is knowledgeable, caring and goes above and beyond to get to know her clients and support them through every step of the college process. She empowers her students to own their experience while supporting them in exactly the way they need to be successful. While her style with clients is warm, encouraging and easily relatable, she is armed with a highly organized process and tremendous expertise regarding the unique qualities of colleges and universities, their academic programs and the campus culture. She is masterful at guiding students to find the right fit for them.


I am proud to recommend Victoria for her outstanding work.

- Hilary (Parent)

Victoria possesses the ultimate combination of expertise, experience, and sensitivity toward students and parents going through the college search. She is skillful at sharing her vast knowledge of commonly known schools, as well as “hidden gems” that are perfectly suited to meet the individual needs of any student.


Victoria eliminated our stress during the college search, and most importantly, was the person that recommended the college that proved to be the perfect fit for our daughter - with a scholarship, as well!

- Susan & Peter (Parents)

Victoria Hirsch addresses the whole person, giving clear, fair, affirmative advice, and offering perceptive, constructive editorial suggestions and writing strategies. The students who work with her are very fortunate to have such a wise, kind, and knowledgeable guide who can ease their stress and empower them to achieve their goals!

- Suzanne (Parent)